Barbatachtian Returns: Promo Image (23-06-21)

Good morning Vietnam.

That fits, trust me.

Anyway… here’s an official promo image from the upcoming Barbatachtian Returns. It’s… well, we’re sparing no expense on the budget this time. Whoa boy, look at those special effects. And people say you can’t be creative with a box of matches, an empty shoe box, and what remains of your dignity.

Decipher this image, I dare you.

So as you can see, stylistically I threw up the rule book and said ‘hey rule book, get in the trash you stupid rule book.’ This is an evolution from the first film in that I have LOTS of stuff I want to try and honestly I’m going to try it and it’ll probably be visual anarchism again.

I’ll have some early footage for ya’ll soon, I think. It should hit the October release date.

Until then, check out Indie Nation Network – Indie Films, TV Shows ( for all of your indie film needs, AND the EXCLUSIVE cut of Barbatachtian that’s shorter, looks better, AND is also shorter.

Is it scarier?



Ian Austin


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