Where Can I Watch The Films? (17-1-23)

Hola cool cats and/or kittens.

The site is due for a redesign soon. I feel like it isn’t selling itself as well as it should be, so I’m going to be tinkering with a few things to make it a cooler experience.

But for now…

I thought I’d do a blog which put across the different places and mediums that you can catch the films on, to make it easier for people to find the experience that works for them.

Barbatachtian Films Store


My preferred option for money reasons.

New Village Video


You can rent the film on New Village Video. They also have a fine selection of other films.

Indie Nation Nework


Signing up to Indie Nation Network gives you access to all of my films and shorts, plus many others. And you can support indie filmmakers, as they pay generous royalties for each view.





The films are available to buy on Projektor.



The site is in beta mode currently, but if you create an account the films are all on there.



Indie Nation Network

I have a new short available on Indie Nation Network, and to celebrate they gave me my very own section.

How cool is that!

Subscribe today. I get paid royalties when my films are watched there.


Writing Update for B:1985. (13-8-22)


Long few weeks at work so haven’t written that much.


Barbatachtian: 1985 has a scene in the script called the Lizard Man scene. It very well might not make it into the actual film, but man…

It’s a messed up scene.

And I loved writing it. Mostly because I really love disgusting horror, like full on ‘dude, what?’ extreme gore and bodily fluid stuff. It just amuses me. And I want to embrace the seedier, more Grindhouse style for this film.

Also Barbatachtian is available on another streaming service. Check it out here


Barbatachtian 3 (29-7-22)

So it released yesterday. I’ll get my shilling out of the way immediately…

And now back to discussing Barbatachtian 3, which is my fourth film AND the third entry in the Barbatachtian series. I mean, third main entry – over on Indie Nation Network (https://inationnetwork.com/) you can find a spin-off/prequel of sorts:

So yeah, it’s a trilogy.

I mean I’m planning to make them indefinitely, but the Chester Zerum story is done with the third entry. I’m sure a lot of people will say that the use of the word ‘story’ doesn’t add up, given the continuity errors, retcons, and fact that we’re not even following the same Chester anymore. To which I’d argue, if you’re still watching this schlock by the third entry then really, you must already know it’s an experiment in surreal, abstract, illogical horror more than anything.

It’s also the end of an era, of sorts.

I am… for lack of a better phrase… not an actor. I mean I enjoy doing it in part, but at heart I’m a director and I feel that the films are hamstrung by me being the only visible actor. So the next entries are telling a different story and, in point of fact, the next one is going in a vastly different direction, as shown by the poster below.

I will say that I am proud of these films.

That may seem a weird thing to say given the films as they are, but I put a lot of myself into these and went from a guy who never made a film to a guy who created his own insane horror franchise; a British horror franchise no less. And managed to get it on two streaming sites and an online video rental store… which is still fucking surreal to be honest.

Of course I’m also very unsatisfied, and now my goals are shifting to more ambitious levels.


Barbatachtian 3: WOTW Stills (7-7-22)

Hello there.

I’ve got some promo stills of the upcoming film available for perusal. Enjoy them and maybe, I don’t know, pre-order 2022’s most terrifying trilogy ending film while you’re at it.

Experimenting again…
Oh no this is from my holiday collection…
The mythical Bird of Death

ZerumVerse of Zerum’s – INN Exclusive (4-7-22)

I’ve released film 3.5 as an exclusive on the Indie Nation Network streaming service.

ZerumVerse of Zerum’s is a prequel to Barbatachtian 3 that sees Detective Perspex enter the ZerumVerse, in search of Barbatachtian, to bring the killer of Chester Zerum to justice. Unfortunately he runs into a lot of Chester Zerum’s, and they’re all pieces of shit and ruin everything.



The Barbatachtian: Digital Release (30-6-22)

Hello there.

Yes, the above is true. I’m selling the film via the website now. It was on Reelhouse but that site is closing down the new Projektor site isn’t working so I figured, as it was good enough for Thanos, to just do it myself.

And it worked out for him, ya know?


Currently only The Barbatachtian is up, as I’ve got a busy today (UK Foo Fighters, woo) and am at work tomorrow and thus I don’t want to overstretch. I would ask that people bear (hee) in mind that it may take up to twenty-four hours (sometimes longer) to get the requisite link etc to them, but it will be done ASAP.

Also Barbatachtian 3 comes out 1st August!

Barbatachtian (Original) available on this very site for free (24-09-21)

Good moooooooooooooooooooooorning Vietnam.

(Sorry, always wanted to do that.)

I am, of course, Ian Austin, and I am either a visual anarchist or a government stooge depending on the proclivities of the situation. I am here today to let you all know that my debut film, 2020’s most horizontally horrifying horror film, is now available free on this very website, indefinitely, indubitably, and in perpetuity, now and for… well, a while.

Now it is important to add this is not the streaming version available on https://inationnetwork.com/ (hey Antoine M. Dillard, how you doing?), rather this is the very first version of the film which launched last year and is, warts and all, the film that I wanted to make, made, and then sat around wondering if it was really all that and a bag of chips.

Well, I think it is.

And since it’s the time to promote le sequel (debuts 22.10.21, exclusively on https://inationnetwork.com/), why not go back in time then forward in time to the present. Or something. I don’t know.

Catch the film below. It’s an advised R-rating (15 in the UK), and while this isn’t an official rating it is not recommended for anyone below that age and I do not endorse it being watched by anyone under that age, pending parents discretion.

2020’s most horizontally horrifying horror film

Barbatachtian Returns: Promo Image (23-06-21)

Good morning Vietnam.

That fits, trust me.

Anyway… here’s an official promo image from the upcoming Barbatachtian Returns. It’s… well, we’re sparing no expense on the budget this time. Whoa boy, look at those special effects. And people say you can’t be creative with a box of matches, an empty shoe box, and what remains of your dignity.

Decipher this image, I dare you.

So as you can see, stylistically I threw up the rule book and said ‘hey rule book, get in the trash you stupid rule book.’ This is an evolution from the first film in that I have LOTS of stuff I want to try and honestly I’m going to try it and it’ll probably be visual anarchism again.

I’ll have some early footage for ya’ll soon, I think. It should hit the October release date.

Until then, check out Indie Nation Network – Indie Films, TV Shows (inationnetwork.com) for all of your indie film needs, AND the EXCLUSIVE cut of Barbatachtian that’s shorter, looks better, AND is also shorter.

Is it scarier?



Ian Austin

Indie Nation Network (19-06-21)

Oh hey, a new cut of Barbatachtian is now available on this awesome new streaming app called Indie Nation Network that promotes indie films for a very affordable monthly fee.

Check it out now.

I’d type more, but between two recent hospital spells and finally managing to get this up somewhere (Amazon Video Direct has the most arbitrary, redundant requirements for submitting films, and judging by how many terrible films get on there no real quality control), I’m going to take some time to get zen.