Barbatachtian Returns: Shooting Blog (27-06-21)

Merry Sunday dudes and dudettes.

I don’t know how often I’ll be doing these shooting/behind the scenes blogs, but I figure they’re worth doing whenever I can remember to do them. I always like to know the gritty details of the films I watch, and I’m going to assume this may eventually form some kind of historical record so…

Last night I was shooting some news footage stuff for the sequel. Those of you who watch Detective Perspex: ZerumVerse of Zerums will know that there exists a multiverse of Chester Zerum’s. This was, naturally, done for practical reasons more than anything as until England opens up fully (July 21st lol apparently), these films are almost entirely a one man production, and it’s a good creative wraparound to explain why everyone looks like me.

I mean it’s also a homage to the Citadel episodes of Rick and Morty, but ya know… when in the board Rome.

Anyway, I shot one of those scenes last night AND edited it. And today I did some tinkering with the score for the opening scene with Chester so, breaking news time… the first five minutes of the film is LOCKED.

Now I may unlock it down the line, but for now FIVE MINUTES of the film has been edited together. Pretty cool, eh? Here’s a photo of the weird shit below.

Low Budget FTW

How did I achieve that effect? Why, by mirroring the image and then distorting said mirror to create a truly bizarre Chester Zerum. Whenever anyone says they need tens or hundreds of thousands to make a film, it’s worth remembering that you can do some creative stuff by tinkering with your editing software a little.

Right, well I’m off to laundry.


Ian Austin.


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