Spec Screenplays

So this page is a shilling page.

It’s a shilling page for the various spec screenplays I’ve written. The scripts themselves won’t be here, they’re available on request pertaining to possible sale.

Please use the feedback form attached if you have any interest in reading the scripts.


Johnny Thunder, the worlds greatest Kung Fu practitioner, finds himself tasked with a secret mission. He is to go to the mysterious Kung Fu Island, win the even more mysterious Kung Fu Tournament, and defeat the evil dictator who rules the island with an iron fist. But little does anyone know that Johnny has an ulterior motive.


Aliens have invaded Earth. Right as a couple has just broken up, no less. Now they are forced to stay together to navigate this brave new world. Only aliens aren’t the worst thing out there, and they’re about to find themselves plunged into a nightmare that transcends reality itself.


Cornelius has had an awful year. It gets worse when he’s visited by a mysterious stranger and informed that he is the only one who can save Christmas. He encounters Gods, devils, monsters, nasty security guards and a plethora of even worse things as he finds himself wishing Christmas would, in fact,. be cancelled.

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