Barbatachtian 5: Alive

2020’s most horizontally horrifying horror franchise returns!

Barbatachtian 5 is here. And I’m sure you’re wondering where Barbatachtian 4 is. Well, that’s a good question… for another day. In the meantime, check out the fifth film and final (?) story of Chester Zerum. Or should I say, Chester Zerums. Yes, plural; in this mind-screw of a film two Chester Zerum’s find themselves haunted by Barbatachtian on multiple levels of reality and it… well, it’s all up its own ass and pretentious as shit but it’s the fifth film, ya know?

(NB: Barbatachtian 5: Alive is for ages 15 and above!)

If you want to watch the film, it’s available at the following places.

Barbatachtian Films Store

B5 y’all!


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