European Cut (25-02-21)

Howdy y’all.

So it’s surely not an extended cut, but it surely is a new cut of the film. I was tinkering on it a few days ago, and decided to take to heart some comments about the overly long Detective Perspex scene at the start. Now I dig that scene plenty, so I’m not saying or asserting that this is the new canon and that scene didn’t take place. The original version is the core version, and that scene definitely took place and will be recognised in the sequel.

It’s just that I don’t disagree that it slows the pace down.

So, to that end, I figured if the original version was the slower version then it made sense for the next cut to move quicker, to focus more on Chester, As a result, I present the European Cut. Which is seventy nine minutes long.

I’ve trimmed a few other scenes, and rejigged the colours. The opening is reworked as an old school movie aesthetic, and the middle chunk of the film has a revolving colour hue designed to make you feel increasingly anxious as the colours morph in bizarre ways. Then back to the old school movie feel for the final act.

I hope you enjoy the European Cut. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll do another version.

Until then, it’s back to the sequel. Which is going to be weird as shit.


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