Shameless shilling (14-11-22)

Hola cool cats and/or kittens.

Did you know that if you rent Barbatachtian on Neq village Video that yours truly get royalties?

Well, you do now.

Terror Train (8-11-22)

Terror Train…

How to describe it?

It’s technically a film about a train and it tries for terror, but neither the terror part nor the train part amount to much separately. And the title suggests an ominous Event Horizon sort of aesthetic that the film never really utilises. I mean it does have David Copperfield as ‘THE MAGICIAN’, but somehow I don’t think we’re meant to view that as ominous.

The film stars Jamie Lee Curtis and seems to have been made just shy of Halloween, which suggests a cash grab. Sadly, it’s not a particularly enjoyable cash grab. Sometimes with these films there’ll be a sense of joy, or subversion, yet none of that is present here. Laughs are hard, none of them intentional, so while it is fun to watch this isn’t down to anything that the film does particularly.

Now if you want to support schlock horror…


Filmmaking (6-11-22)

I’ve made 4.5 films and am working on my 5th.

It’s still surreal to type stuff like that. Up until the age of 35 I hadn’t made shit. Now I’ve made three Barbatachtian films, a short prequel, and the worlds weirdest Christmas Carol adaptation.

And I’ve earned money from them.

The market for indie films has, and is, changed so much. Between Indie Nation Network and Projektor and Cubestream and New Village Video and countless others, there’s never been a better time to make your own film.

And get paid doing so.

So while I embark further into the rabbit hole of the next Barbatachtian film, if you wish to support the madness you can, as always, buy the films on the official store.

Scream Unseen Review/Sale (6-9-22)

That was a weird film I saw last night. It was about this kid who helps a bird hatch and then the bird hatches and it slowly turns evil and it was in Finnish, I think it was called Ticket To Paradise. Weird.

Anyway, off to see E.T today. That’s unrelated.\

Also the films are still on sale.

Captain Marvel (31-7-22)

It’s very early here.

Starting the day with coffee and a rewatch of Captain Marvel.

Ya know, Marvel really is the master of creating films which are pretty good on first watch, but work even better when viewed later on in a larger context.

I’d hope my Barbatachtian films would do the same, but they are riddled with continuity errors…

In a Barbatachtian: 1985 update, I’m 30 pages into the first draft.

It’s definitely fuelled by my Grindhouse leanings, and is a bit of a departure from the other ones, as I’m… well, writing a script this time instead of a very loose outline. It also will cost a fair bit, unless I creatively shoot certain sequences.

Well, more updates to come tomorrow.

Barbatachtian: 1985 Update (30-7-22)

Good morning.

Day off from the full time job today and am tucking into some writing for the next Barbatachtian film, which is going to be really weird judging by this first draft.

Here’s a sneak peak.

Who are Louise and Drexel?

You’ll find out soon enough.

Freelance Gigs (22-7-22)

Yes, I do freelance gigs. I like money.

If you would like help with your script, I have a Fivver gig set up for that. It encompasses basic, premium and full packages and is a quite reasonable price given I have a Masters in Scriptwriting and have written and directed four films.

And if you’ve made a film and would like help editing it, exporting the footage etc, then hit the link below up. Rates are a little more expensive, but I have the equipment to provide a sterling video file.