Update (17-02-21)

Long time no see y’all.

So the extended version isn’t working. I’ll continue tiding away on it, but I think it’s likely going to be March at the earliest. I guess that’s cool, I can tie it in so it releases around about the same time as The Snyder Cut of Justice League. Free promotion piggy backing off something bigger, ya know?

I’ve started writing the novelisation of the film. It’s a fun experience, and a warped retelling of the film. There’s a lot of stuff there I never intended to shoot but fits with a wider chasm that is a book. And it’s just fun writing a novel in general, I’ve never finished one before and it’s a really cool thing to see the story through a different lens. Expect that later this year.

As for today, I’ve released episode 2 of the Tree Show on YouTube, The eager eyed among you may remember Chester was watching that show in Barbatachtian. This episode is foreshadowing Barbatachtian Returns, and includes some stuff from the novelisation of Barbatachtian. Cross promotion, tie ins, am I right?

You can view it here.


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