Updates (10-1-23)

Hey there cool cats and/or kittens.

It’s ten days into 2023, and it’s either the best of times or worst of times depending on where you fall in the worldwide spectrum of stuff/thangs. I’m in the centre it seems, so mainly I’m just keeping my head down and trying to improve my lot in life rather than anything else. I do this using the logic that if I make more stuff, someone somewhere will watch it at some point and it’ll improve their day.

Anyway, in a move away from complex stuff I am not qualified to speak about…

Today is the last day of the sale. You can find the films on the store page: 

I have finished my first script of 2023. Oh My God It’s Christmas is drafted and it is… unfilmable. I mean maybe I’m wrong there, but between the budget and the tone and the offensive jokes and the levels of visceral (blood, vomit etc) that’d be fully depicted on screen, it’s probably not going to be made without a rewrite. But hey, if anyone wants to buy it and pay me lots of money to make it into a PG flick, I’m game.

I’m also working on a new version of Barbatachtian. I love the three I’ve made, but I really want to get the films on more platforms and reverse-engineering the originals to do that is proving tricky. So a new film condensing the events into one film that’s in 4K with subtitles seems the smart approach.

Hold this space.


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