Severance (6-8-22)

Just finished Severance Season 1.

There’ll be no spoilers because this is definitely a show where you need to know nothing going in, because it’s so weird and abstract that even when you watch and stuff is happening your brain is trying to adjust to it, and that’s a feeling that really only occurs when you’re as dazed and confused as the core characters we’re following.

In some stories it’s good to know more than the characters do, as it can create tension. In Severance they occupy the opposite end of the spectrum, making us – the audience – feel lost, allowing us to share the tension and slightly off nature of the aesthetic at play.

It’s a masterpiece, in other words.

A dizzying, brutal, acerbic takedown of the concept of working in an office doing a job which doesn’t make any damn sense and is the same shit everyday; a soul-sucking nightmare that you have to detach yourself from as much as possible in order to go in every day and do.

And it is well-worth getting Apple TV for.

For my money, the only mainstream subscription services worth getting are Apple TV and Disney Plus. Disney Plus is more for nostalgia, popcorn fair. Apple TV is just fucking weird as fuck, dudes; and I love it. They’re aiming for gourmet shit, and though they don’t hit it every time it’s clear that if the idea is weird enough, they’ll leave people alone to make it. Severance is a show that, despite an amazing cast, literally would be cancelled by Netflix before people had even got to episode 3, but has genuine worth and will, I believe, break out into a fucking cult classic, if not pierce the mainstream.

So yeah, go watch it. THIS is some good-ass TV.

Also, while you’re here, my films are on sale on the official store:


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