38 (21-1-23)

I’m 38 y’all.

Buy a film. https://t.co/FJswDUqEtR

Also check out the new backstory section, the site is ever so slowly getting updated.

Year end review (31-12-22)

Hey there cool cats and/or kittens.

2022 is almost at an end, so it seems fitting for me to do wrap up of sorts for a year which has certainly been a year, both for good and for bad.

Firstly, I know that this website needs updating. It’s in the works.

Secondly, it’s been a proper grand year royalty wise. Thanks for Indie Nation Network and New Village Video, the films are still making change. Not anything I can live on, but it’s still awesome that people watch and pay for this dreck.

Thirdly, I came close to selling a script this year. I will sell one next year. That is my resolution. I know some people will scoff, but I willed myself to make a bunch of films and I did that so I’m going to sell a script damnit.

Fourthly, there’ll be a new book on Amazon at some point. It’ll be a book about my experiences making these films. I’ll keep y’all posted.

Finally, next year will see lots of new projects. There’ll be Barbatachtian: 1985, there’ll be a Christmas film (those make good bank at Christmas time), and I’ll be aiming to make a bigger film. Not sure which one yet, but I’ll be pushing for it.

For now, enjoy the New Year

See y’all on the other side.

Oh, and buy some shit on the store. https://barbatachthianfilm.com/store/


Barbatachtian Returns on YouTube (27-10-21)

Catch the film for free on YouTube below.

For ages fifteen and above!

A Very 2020 Christmas Carol: VHS Rip (03-03-21)

I was sent this in the post by a mysterious man named Rosencratz, and felt compelled to put it online. Can’t say I’m entirely sure how he found a VHS copy of the film given I shot it and edited it myself on my PC, but the note demanded I put it up on YouTube. I tried to add subtitles to it, not sure how successful I was…

So, here we go.

Various (15-11-20)

Happy Sunday y’all.

Just a few bits of housekeeping. We now have pages on TV Tropes and IMDB, if you’re that way inclined. Reviews and general updates are, naturally, appreciated, but just having pages up on those sites is it’s own reward.

There’s also a few videos on my main YouTube channel that are quite cool, and worth a look. I’ll embed them below. One is a 400 hits celebration video, one is a goofy short film I made poking fun at A Quiet Place and BirdBox, and the other is a prequel of sorts to the film this website is named after. All good times, to be sure.