Barbatachtian: 1985 Update (30-7-22)

Good morning.

Day off from the full time job today and am tucking into some writing for the next Barbatachtian film, which is going to be really weird judging by this first draft.

Here’s a sneak peak.

Who are Louise and Drexel?

You’ll find out soon enough.


Barbatachtian Returns on YouTube (27-10-21)

Catch the film for free on YouTube below.

For ages fifteen and above!

Various (19-10-21)

This is a housekeeping post of various entries that don’t merit their own blog per se, but work as part of a wider reaching ramble and extra curricular discourse.

Firstly, I forgot that this site had a podcast. So there’s a new episode below discussing Barbatachtian Returns. It contains some spoilers, so watch it first. Or don’t.


Secondly, the new film has had a few reviews. I’ll discuss the YouTube’s ones in a future podcast, but I’d like to focus on the one I actually give a shit about. Namely Dark Eyes of London Review

It’s a brutally honest review, but it does praise the film visually and audibly in parts. Which is fair enough. I think my films need actual actors in them who can, ya know, act… which will let me accentuate my positives in terms of visuals and sound. Most importantly, this reviewer did not like the other two films. So the vibe here being that it’s not as awful is really cool. Progress.

Thirdly, Scream in a cinema is amazing. What a film.

Fourthly, I am working on a combined cut of Barbatachtian and Barbatachtian Returns into one giant film. That’ll be a 2022 thing.

Finally, Barbatachtian’s follow up is going to be a direct sequel. The prequel will be made at some point, but one person on Twitter replied to my poll saying a direct sequel was what they wanted and by God I don’t let my fans down.

Barbatachtian (Original) available on this very site for free (24-09-21)

Good moooooooooooooooooooooorning Vietnam.

(Sorry, always wanted to do that.)

I am, of course, Ian Austin, and I am either a visual anarchist or a government stooge depending on the proclivities of the situation. I am here today to let you all know that my debut film, 2020’s most horizontally horrifying horror film, is now available free on this very website, indefinitely, indubitably, and in perpetuity, now and for… well, a while.

Now it is important to add this is not the streaming version available on (hey Antoine M. Dillard, how you doing?), rather this is the very first version of the film which launched last year and is, warts and all, the film that I wanted to make, made, and then sat around wondering if it was really all that and a bag of chips.

Well, I think it is.

And since it’s the time to promote le sequel (debuts 22.10.21, exclusively on, why not go back in time then forward in time to the present. Or something. I don’t know.

Catch the film below. It’s an advised R-rating (15 in the UK), and while this isn’t an official rating it is not recommended for anyone below that age and I do not endorse it being watched by anyone under that age, pending parents discretion.

2020’s most horizontally horrifying horror film