Barbatachtian 6: The Evil Wood (10-5-23)

I’m a glutton for punishment.

Teaser Trailer


Year end review (31-12-22)

Hey there cool cats and/or kittens.

2022 is almost at an end, so it seems fitting for me to do wrap up of sorts for a year which has certainly been a year, both for good and for bad.

Firstly, I know that this website needs updating. It’s in the works.

Secondly, it’s been a proper grand year royalty wise. Thanks for Indie Nation Network and New Village Video, the films are still making change. Not anything I can live on, but it’s still awesome that people watch and pay for this dreck.

Thirdly, I came close to selling a script this year. I will sell one next year. That is my resolution. I know some people will scoff, but I willed myself to make a bunch of films and I did that so I’m going to sell a script damnit.

Fourthly, there’ll be a new book on Amazon at some point. It’ll be a book about my experiences making these films. I’ll keep y’all posted.

Finally, next year will see lots of new projects. There’ll be Barbatachtian: 1985, there’ll be a Christmas film (those make good bank at Christmas time), and I’ll be aiming to make a bigger film. Not sure which one yet, but I’ll be pushing for it.

For now, enjoy the New Year

See y’all on the other side.

Oh, and buy some shit on the store.


Black Panther: Wakanda Forever review/updates (11-11-22)


This is one of those GIGANTIC update posts that pop up every now and then where I actually have a lot to write and will proceed to write a lot. Usually I don’t have a lot to write but today I do so please stand back, get chilled, and prepare for a lot of text to ensue.

First of all…

I’ve decided to update where you can find the various Barbatachtian films. Me and some amigos were trying to track down a copy of Bad Ben: Pandemic the other night, and couldn’t find it anywhere. While my brain always recommends people buy the films from the store (because money), the truth is that sometimes it isn’t the easiest thing. Like if you have a Firestick or are using a video game console, you can’t be doing with that. The same applies for New Village Video, Projektor, Indie Nation Network etc – eventually they’ll be available freely on any app you use, but on a TV? You gotta get creative, and speaking as someone creative half the time I just buy films on Apple TV because I can’t be bothered to put the DVD in the PS5.

So that said, the films are now all on Youtube.

Now onto Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

It’s really, really, really good.

And lastly…

Barbatachtian got a pretty cool review. Which is awesome.

The review was by Holly Soriano, one of the architects behind the upcoming My Apocalyptic Thanksgiving ( which is due out on an incredible amount of VOD formats later on this month. I really dug the trailer, so I’ll be checking it out for sure (and reviewing it),


Halloween Kills (18-10-21)

So I watched Halloween Kills.

I think my experience is going to be different to a lots of peoples, because I have seen every Halloween sequel, and indeed every Halloween film, reboot, remake, whatever, and so by this point it’s a blur of nonsensical storytelling and increasingly risen stakes that don’t mKe any sense whatsoever, down to multiple timelines and universes and Michael may or may not be human and Laurie has one kid and then another kid and then another kid who has a kid and she’s related to Michael but she’s not and she kills him but she doesn’t and he’s part of a Nazi death cult but he’s not…

I mean by this point, the franchise can’t make me angry because I’m just so confused already.

So a sequel like Halloween Kills, which is by no means a good film, works for me as a Halloween sequel. It’s loud, it’s violent, it’s kinda mean spirited, and it tries to build a mythology on ground that’s ready to collapse at any moment.

And I dug it.

Those who know me know I like schlocky horror franchises. Friday The 13th, Hellraiser, Halloween, they all increasingly fall in on themselves with plots which sound great in description but are ludicrous bollocks in execution. Shit, just look at my own horror franchise as proof, Barbatachtian is from that mould, right down to the villains motivations being non existent.

So I liked Halloween Kills. And I also find the backlash hilarious given the entire film and the “evil dies tonight” thing is literally telling you that angry mobs are idiotic and they get riled up over things which don’t make any sense.