38 (21-1-23)

I’m 38 y’all.

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Also check out the new backstory section, the site is ever so slowly getting updated.

Year end review (31-12-22)

Hey there cool cats and/or kittens.

2022 is almost at an end, so it seems fitting for me to do wrap up of sorts for a year which has certainly been a year, both for good and for bad.

Firstly, I know that this website needs updating. It’s in the works.

Secondly, it’s been a proper grand year royalty wise. Thanks for Indie Nation Network and New Village Video, the films are still making change. Not anything I can live on, but it’s still awesome that people watch and pay for this dreck.

Thirdly, I came close to selling a script this year. I will sell one next year. That is my resolution. I know some people will scoff, but I willed myself to make a bunch of films and I did that so I’m going to sell a script damnit.

Fourthly, there’ll be a new book on Amazon at some point. It’ll be a book about my experiences making these films. I’ll keep y’all posted.

Finally, next year will see lots of new projects. There’ll be Barbatachtian: 1985, there’ll be a Christmas film (those make good bank at Christmas time), and I’ll be aiming to make a bigger film. Not sure which one yet, but I’ll be pushing for it.

For now, enjoy the New Year

See y’all on the other side.

Oh, and buy some shit on the store. https://barbatachthianfilm.com/store/


Various (19-10-21)

This is a housekeeping post of various entries that don’t merit their own blog per se, but work as part of a wider reaching ramble and extra curricular discourse.

Firstly, I forgot that this site had a podcast. So there’s a new episode below discussing Barbatachtian Returns. It contains some spoilers, so watch it first. Or don’t.


Secondly, the new film has had a few reviews. I’ll discuss the YouTube’s ones in a future podcast, but I’d like to focus on the one I actually give a shit about. Namely Dark Eyes of London Review

It’s a brutally honest review, but it does praise the film visually and audibly in parts. Which is fair enough. I think my films need actual actors in them who can, ya know, act… which will let me accentuate my positives in terms of visuals and sound. Most importantly, this reviewer did not like the other two films. So the vibe here being that it’s not as awful is really cool. Progress.

Thirdly, Scream in a cinema is amazing. What a film.

Fourthly, I am working on a combined cut of Barbatachtian and Barbatachtian Returns into one giant film. That’ll be a 2022 thing.

Finally, Barbatachtian’s follow up is going to be a direct sequel. The prequel will be made at some point, but one person on Twitter replied to my poll saying a direct sequel was what they wanted and by God I don’t let my fans down.

Extended Cut (29-01-21)

Yeah, you know that feeling when you have a one hour and forty seven minute extended cut of your film but, shockingly, the sound in the newly inserted scenes is completely screwed up and inaudible?

Well, I know that feeling.

I’m going to go back to the drawing board on this. Aim to get it all sorted ASAP, but likely be best timed so it goes up near that other extended cut…

Upcoming Stuff (14-01-2021)


Next Thursday is my birthday, and is a cool day for y’all as well given I’m releasing the extended cut of Barbatachtian. Yep, the extended cut. Which is almost finished. Honest. And might, might wind up at two hours. Who knows…

I mean I do, and it almost definitely won’t be two hours, but there’ll be some new stuff in there. So maybe it’s not an extended cut, maybe it’s a “Ian got a new digital camera and the footage doesn’t match” cut.

Either way, more YouTube hits. Shiny.

There’ll also be a commentary track up for Barbatachtian by the end of the month. It’s possible that’ll come out next Thursday instead of the extended cut, it depends on which one is in more of a finished state.

Until next time…

Barbatachtian Extended Cut Update (22.10.20)

Hey guys, Ian here.

So far I’m up to 107 minutes for the extended cut, due to bits I’ve added/bits I’ve reinserted into the original film. The goal is to get to about 120 minutes, maybe more, as if you’re going to do an extended cut it might as well be as extended as possible.

It will feel like a different film, by the way. I think the original is more comedic, and ideally the extended cut would veer more into being a terrifying character study. Will I succeed? Well, until I see a complete cut I won’t know. But either way, it’ll be fun.

Plus, there’ll be more people in it this time. Well, kinda.