2020’s most horizontally horrifying horror film!

Barbatachtian tells the story of Chester Zerum, an average guy who works at a think-tank and finds himself haunted by a mysterious entity known as Barbatachtian. During the pandemic no less. But that isn’t the end of it, as he finds himself spiralling down an increasingly experimental, horrifyingly horrific nightmare of racist Uncles, archangels, paranormal Professors and a weird man named Detective Perspex.

It’s all here in my debut feature. Check out the trailer below.

(NB: Barbatachtian is for ages 15 and above!)

Wow, that looks weird doesn’t it?

Well, I had fun making it. And if you want to watch the film, it’s available at the following places.

Barbatachtian Films Store

My preferred option for money reasons.

New Village Video

You can rent the film on New Village Video. They also have a fine selection of other films.

Indie Nation Nework

Signing up to Indie Nation Network gives you access to all of my films and shorts, plus many others. And you can support indie filmmakers, as they pay generous royalties for each view.


The film is available to buy on Projektor.


The site is in beta mode currently, but if you create an account the film is on there.


However you watch it, I hope you enjoy it. And if you do, leave a comment below.


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