The Fifth Film (20-7-22)

I’m probably tempting fate, but that seems to be my thing.

So, without further adieu, and before film four is even released, here is the first poster for my fifth film, which is coming at some point next year and will have an actual cast and locations (no idea how but again, improvising.)

Coming 2023

The title gives it away, but it is most definitely a Western. It’s also a bit of a departure from what I’ve been doing, as the outline has a fair few characters and more intense, dramatic scenes, along with a more methodical, leisurely pace. I mean that’s what I’ve deduced from the outline and the six pages I’ve written so far at any rate.

The poster does have horror elements, but mainly it’s a straight up Western, albeit set in the modern day and in South-East England. Kinda a Western then, sort of… maybe!

It’s a film I need to make. I won’t stop making Barbatachtian films (one a year), and – indeed – I have a poster for the next Barbatachtian film as well, which I’m not releasing yet as I have an idea for the film that might benefit from… well, that’ll come later.

Anyway, while you’re here…