Chapter One

Top Ten Films

Seeing as how everyone is doing them… 1 – Dawn of The Dead (original) 2 – Goodfellas 3 – The Big Lebowski 4 – Big Trouble In Little China 5 – Steve Jobs 6 – Pulp Fiction 7 – Censor 8 – The Irishman 9 – Blow Out 10 – Event Horizon

Happy Thanksgiving y’all

I’m celebrating post work with a garlic bread pizza, some alcohol free beer and Halloween VI: The Curse of Michael Myers. Ya know, like my ancestors would’ve wanted…

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever review/updates (11-11-22)

HOLA COOL CATS AND/OR KITTENS. This is one of those GIGANTIC update posts that pop up every now and then where I actually have a lot to write and will proceed to write a lot. Usually I don’t have a lot to write but today I do so please stand back, get chilled, and prepare…

Kung Fu Island (9-11-22)

Yes, it’s time to shill today. I have written a screenplay called Kung Fu Island that I am hoping to make as a film at some point in the future. But because I like money, I also put it on Amazon as an E-Book. I figure hey, if it’s a gigantic success then someone will…

Terror Train (8-11-22)

Terror Train… How to describe it? It’s technically a film about a train and it tries for terror, but neither the terror part nor the train part amount to much separately. And the title suggests an ominous Event Horizon sort of aesthetic that the film never really utilises. I mean it does have David Copperfield…

Barbatachtian Reboot (6-11-22)

I rebooted Barbatachtian. Reboots are the in-thing. Unfortunately I lost all of the footage, and suffered from temporary amnesia, so I had to improvise using the old videogame The Movies. You can watch it below.

Filmmaking (6-11-22)

I’ve made 4.5 films and am working on my 5th. It’s still surreal to type stuff like that. Up until the age of 35 I hadn’t made shit. Now I’ve made three Barbatachtian films, a short prequel, and the worlds weirdest Christmas Carol adaptation. And I’ve earned money from them. The market for indie films…


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