Full circle (11-5-23)

Bad language follows so, ya know, stop reading now if it offends you!

It was 2009… or 2010. Or maybe a different year. I was doing my Masters at University in Aberystwyth, or maybe I wasn’t. As you get older things conflate together. But what I do know is that I was with some of my favourite people enjoying an awesome period of alcohol and bad horror films.

Those are some of my favourite times.

And on our travels through the excesses of cinema, I’m told about a film. A film that is near mythical, the Holy Grail of fucked up horror if the Holy Grail was actually the Book of the Dead. Which isn’t far off given the film in question.

A Serbian Film.

Some people have drugs and sex and all sorts. To which I say no comment. Mostly in my life I’ve had horror. But the first viewing of A Serbian Film broke me, rendering my inert and in the throes of an existential breakdown in a fish and chipper somewhere in Wales, staring absently at an onion ring as conversation beckons around me of the film in question.

Why am I rambling about this?

Well, because the cats at New Village Video have just put up an uncensored rental version of A Serbian Film. Now by no means do I recommend you watch it, unless you ‘re already a connoisseur of the urbane and the truly repelling, but I just want to take this moment to bask in what my life has become.

I don’t have kids, I’m not rich, I work a job with crazy hours, I live in what is pretty much a man cave, and my money goes on video games and wrestling PPV’s.

But I also have a film on the same platform as A Serbian Film, and am now sporting the biggest fucking grin I think I’ve had in years because… that sort of thing happening to a guy like me blows my fucking mind. Like how, ya know? I’m just a punk who said “screw it” and made a stupid horror film to stave off madness in a pandemic, the thought that my film is on the same platform as something I watched aye near two decades ago, that to this day is symbolic of one the best times in my life.

I’m sure having kids and being rich is pretty awesome, but this… this is a cool fucking day!

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