37 (20-1-23)

Hola cool cats and/or kittens.

On this, the last day of my 37th year, I’m going to be doing some admin-y work on the site. I’ve got some cool things planned, long overdue things, to try and make sure that this site gets the kick up it’s ass that it needs.

In 2023 I have the following plans. Not all will happen, but they’re what I’m intending to do.

1. Subscribed content: I have this idea of charging a (very reasonable) yearly fee that gives people access to all the films, scripts, shorts etc that I’ve done. As I plan to release one film a year, it will cover the cost of that but include the backlog. I have to look at the feasibility, but this seems like the way to go.

2. A full on shop: this is a tad more complicated as the cost of doing that raises my website hosting fees, so it’s likely this wouldn’t be before I renew in September, but I think it could really help with the aesthetics.

3. Update: in a general sense, as an ongoing thing, just have more content. The backstory is stage one, there’ll be a revised page of all the backstory along with an audio reading of it, by yours truly.

4. More extras: I am working on more extra footage, interviews etc. It’s likely this’ll be embeds from the YouTube channel, giving people a behind the scenes look at the films and more context for them.

There are more ideas, but they are reliant on the website making money. I’ll keep you posted.

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