Terror Train (8-11-22)

Terror Train…

How to describe it?

It’s technically a film about a train and it tries for terror, but neither the terror part nor the train part amount to much separately. And the title suggests an ominous Event Horizon sort of aesthetic that the film never really utilises. I mean it does have David Copperfield as ‘THE MAGICIAN’, but somehow I don’t think we’re meant to view that as ominous.

The film stars Jamie Lee Curtis and seems to have been made just shy of Halloween, which suggests a cash grab. Sadly, it’s not a particularly enjoyable cash grab. Sometimes with these films there’ll be a sense of joy, or subversion, yet none of that is present here. Laughs are hard, none of them intentional, so while it is fun to watch this isn’t down to anything that the film does particularly.

Now if you want to support schlock horror…



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