September 5th super sale/LOTR review (5-9-22)


The 5th of September holds no particular value or meaning to me whatsoever, but I figure it’s time for another super sale where the films are at such a cheap price that I can’t possibly hope to make any money off them.


The individual films are 99P each. The combined films are £2.50.

Buy them here:

And to get more hits…

I watched the first two episodes of LOTR: ROP. It’s the big show at the moment and everyone has an opinion on it, ranging from outright racist (why is my fantasy show about dragon so diverse) through to ‘LOOK AT THE PRODUCTION VALUES LOL LET ME TURN ON MOTION SMOOTHING TO MAKE GIFS MOCKING THEM.)

Where do I fall?

I thought it was really, really bad. And boring. And I don’t think I’m the audience for it, because while I can admire the acting and the production values I think everything else is so staggeringly misguided and missing the point of the stories that it actually makes me a little bit sad and annoyed.

I completely understand a lot of people put a lot of work into this show, but it really does feel like a cynical cash grab by Amazon, their attempt to capture the magic of GOT while also – amusingly – not understand what made GOT so fascinating.

And it makes me sad because I love LOTR.

Those Jackson films are staggering accomplishments in blockbuster filmmaking, and I find it weird the Tolkien estate hates them but somehow approves this, which lacks the heart of said films and makes even more concessions with the material and characters to make everything feel as unlike LOTR as they possibly can do.

Or maybe it is accurate to the books, I don’t know.

Anyway buy my films.


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