Updates (21-5-22)

Whole bunch of updates y’all.

The first is that Barbatachtian Forever is on schedule for a release in October. I’m working my way through it, and have shot a lot of stuff. Currently I’m sorting through what I have already shot and shooting new stuff, so there isn’t really a cut as of yet.

The second is that it isn’t called Barbatachian Forever anymore. I was going for a homage to the Burton-Schumacher Batman films, but it dawned on me that there’s a lack of numbered horror sequels currently. I mean Scream 5 was called Scream, which is just confusing and weird. Hollywood should own numbers, and as they don’t, I will. With a poster no less.

Barbatachtian 3: Witch of the Woods poster

More to come on that film at a later date.

And finally, Barbatachtian is available to buy on Reelhouse. (https://www.reelhouse.org/deathyboy) The more people who buy it the closer I am to showing Barbatchtian’s true form; that of a gigantic CGI cat.

Available on Reelhouse

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