Barbatachtian Returns: Update (19-09-21)

Well boy howdy y’all.

As I type these words, we a month and change away from the release of 2021’s most horizontally horrifying and vertically visceral horror sequel, which should mean that it is finished and I can be sipping cocktails in a non extradition country, but then that wouldn’t be realistic now, would it?

No, work continues. I have 95% of the footage, I just need to shoot one or two more scenes and add some “dialogue” in for clarity purposes. But the core of it is done. Which is amazing because…

It’ll me I’ve released THREE films in one year. Now, granted, a few people wouldn’t call them films by any standard definition, but still, it’s an achievement; proof positive that you can make your dreams come true so long as your dreams involving making your own schlocky horror franchise and also making bizarre book adaptations on the side.

Anyhoo, here’s some more production photos to tide you over.


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