Barbatachtian Updates (08-06-21)


I know that’s rather simple and base and, well, I have been gone a while, but now I’m back. Or should I say we’re back. Yes, we, plural – so mentioned because it’s true, and apt, and after all isn’t that the desired goal of all humans; to be plural, true AND apt?


Well, anyway… the site is getting a kick up the old proverbial ass because I, after another attempt to get this film on Amazon that has failed, have decided to go full indie spirit and make my own luck. And this is part of that plan.

Stage one is the rather fantastic news that the film (Barbatachtian) not only has a brand new cut, but has a brand new cut which will be airing EXCLOOSIVELY (hey OSW Review, how you doing?) on this rather nifty new streaming service called Indie Nation Network that will be launching soon (and you best believe I will be promoting the Hell out of that.

Stage two or stage zero given it came before stage one, is this site getting the aforementioned kick up the ass. Hence the new logo, which looks amazing, and a general clean-up over the next couple of weeks.

There will be more stages AND updates on Barbatachtian Returns coming real soon, but for now here is the NEW trailer for the NEW version airing EXCLOOSIVELY on the NEW Youtube channel. Shiny, am I right?

Until the flip side, remember… life is beautiful, and so are you. And enjoy the next stage in the evolution of horizontal horror.


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