Barbatachtian Reviewed (02-05-2021)

Well, there you have it. The first review. From January, and only just picked up. It was sneakily linked via my IMDB page, proving once again that you can criticise a film AND use the films IMDB page to promote yourself at the same time. Very clever.

I kid. Sort of. I mean it’s a really bad review by any metric, but am I going to take it seriously? Only to the extent of replying to say thanks for the review, in so many words.

The truth is that someone watches your stuff, then that’s cool. They may hate it, and may resort to some needless barbs about your appearance and questioning whether your friends would enjoy said film (they did), but by gum that’s their God given right as long as they watched the film in its entirety.

Which this reviewer clearly did, as they remember more of the plot than I do AND have pulled quotes from my Film Freeway page. This is a really, really well researched review.

I think I’m reading as if I’m annoyed, but I’m really not. It’s flattering to be reviewed. And I’ve openly said I don’t take good or bad reviews particularly seriously. The film is the film, it’s the film I wanted to make, it’s the film I enjoy watching, and so I’m never going to buy into the hype or criticisms to an absurd extent. Life’s too short.

I do recommend reading it through. It’s cool, I get to make like I’m notorious.


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