Updates (08-03-21)

More updates.

The main one is that I have 77 minutes of edited footage for Barbatachtian Returns. Which means a couple of things. Firstly, that I have about an hour or so at least left to shoot/edit. And secondly, and more importantly, that I think it’s fair to say it’ll definitely be ready for release in October.

Which will mean I’m on course to release at least THREE films within one year. And that is crazy and awesome.

Update number two is I’m tinkering on a DVD for Barbatachtian. It has always been my goal to release it digitally (via Amazon Prime) and do a DVD version. I have a pretty solid template for a DVD done, it just needs me to record commentaries for both versions of the film and add a few more special features.

More updates will come on both of those soon, once I figure out the business aspects.

Finally, I’ll be working on a NEW trailer for Barbatachtian Returns soon. Something distinctly oddball.


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